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Plain White T Shirts

We are dedicated to offering the best possible and a wide quality/choice when it comes to plain white t shirts. Our huge stock for fast next day and same delivery means you have all your need met.

Wholesale Bulk Buy

Since we are wholesale business we buy in bulk and sell in very large quantities so our customers always benefit on the price. The idea is simple 'Stack em high sell em cheap'

Plain White T-Shirts And It's Availability from £0.88

We offer a range of qualities depending on the use of the plain white t shirt and the budget set for the purchase of the tees. All the t shirts on offer on this site of top quality standards which wash well and wear extremely well. The difference is in the cotton yearn which is being used and the end weight (GSM) of the white tee which determines its price.

The cheapest and best value for money when it comes to bulk buy is the promotional t shirt. This made from 100% cotton with a GSM of 150. They are ideal for promotional event since they are suitable for all kings of printing - screen and transfer as well as hand painting. Contact us today for LOWER rates on BULK orders.

The second quality of t shirt which we offer are the classic 145 GSM quality which is a more fine cotton and with a more fashion stylish fitting. Again they are suitable for printing.

The third quality which we offer is the deluxe 100% cotton t shirt is by far the best quality t shirt which we offer not just in the GSM but also in the use of the super fine cotton which is being used to make the tees. The shoulder to shoulder taping on the t shirt ensures the added stretch to the t shirt after many washes.

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